​ ​The Pond De Rosa is located in the small farming town of Stratford in the Central Valley of California.   Right on CA-41 one of the main thoroughfare's in California to get to the natural beauty of  Yosemite National Park to the north or the many wonderful vineyards of Paso Robles to the south-west.

We are focusing on pasture hardy Boer goats with color.

Blacks, Black Heads, Spotted, Dappled, Paints, Reds and of course the standard Red Head/White Bodied Boer.   We try to use minimal medicine , wormers, and special feeds preferring  our goats to graze/browse whenever possible.  We have found through the years that if the nutrition is right the goat will have very little issues with diseases or parasites.

Our goats are kept at a natural healthy weight and not over fed like many show goats. Because of this we have never had an issue with pregnancy toxemia/ketosis in our doe's.

Our doe's are allowed to kid out in the pasture when weather permits and need little to no assistance. We keep the doe's who can raise their kids to weaning with no help so that they pass that trait along to their daughters.

Our bucks are required to be non aggressive and easy to handle even when breeding.

We have added genetics from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Texas and Indiana in our goal to breed for bigger, hardier, and  the most colorful Boer goats that  we can produce!

We have sold goats as far away as Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arkansas, all over the great state of California and have now sent a doe to the Philippines. We have dealt with people completely online without any issues. 

​We invite you to look through our website to see our goats in their natural state. No bathing, clipping, posing, or photo retouches. What you see is what you get!

We pride ourselves on being Honest and Fair with our customers. 

Thank you for visiting Pond De Rosa, Boer Goats