2 Years

​She has kidded one time giving me twin doe's. 




Born 3/10/20

2x2 teated

Take a look at this black beauty!  Black and dappled genetics in her immediate background. She has a diluted spot on her hip.  She has a very unique coloring in her coat. She has a white undercoat. If you are looking to add black or black spotted, this girl might be for you. S he will be ready to go by June 15th. 


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PDR1 CHINA GIRL                                                         
4 Years
Kidded 3 times giving me twins her first time and singles the last two times. 


PDR1 BLACK BIRD                                      


4 Years

​Kidded 2 time giving twins both times.

This last kidding she developed pneumonia and started nursing her kids on one side of her udder. She developed an infection in the other side which I treated. It never completely sealed up as I was able to get milk out of it but she never allowed her kids to nurse on that side. 




Born 4/14/20


PDR1 ECLIPSED TEMPTATION                                     


​4 Years

She has kidded 3 times giving me a single her first time and twins the next two times. 


This large bodied girl has kidded 5 times giving me multiples each time. She is an easy kidder and a great mother.  Her price will go up if she is placed in the breeding pen.